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Pain worse in one side

Hi there

New to asthma and, though desperately trying to inform myself, there is still so much I don't know. My son had an asthma attack today. It came on fairly suddenly and settled after using his reliever a couple of times. His chest remained sore for a good while afterwards and he said it was much sorer on the right than the left. Is this normal? I ask because I also noticed that his right arm and hand were shaking all the time. This hasn't happened to him before. Maybe he was just a bit shocked after it coming on suddenly but wondered if it's an asthma thing? Any advice/experience welcomed!


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hi sarah

did he go to hospital or gp ?

as pain to one side may indicate infection that could have triggered the attack posibly ?

otherwise pain could be from straining from coughing or from simple effort of breathing and using all muscles helping you to breathe, its so painful! should settle with pain relief...

in relation to shaking, salbutamol side effect - sally shakes - can give you tremors can be one sided or both but should settle..

hope he is doing okay now ?



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