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Beautiful Orkney Isles

Hi everyone. Hope all parents,carers and kids are keeping well and enjoying the summer hols. We have just come back from a trip to Orkney and it is well worth a visit. The cows are so clean as are the towns and the air is so clear. It is also very flat so you get great views and there's plenty to see and do. Maybe you'll see Snowy!! I think she comes from that part of the country. Anyone else been somewhere nice for their holiday this year. Schools go back here next week but I guess all you lot in England and Wales still have a few weeks to go.

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going on tuesday

We are heading to Belfast on Tuesday for a week. My son has cronic asthma luckily my sister in law works at a chemist so I send a prescription over for her to pick up. Ryanair are a bit stingy in their weight allowance! Looking like it will rain all week as well. It isn't called the emerald isle for nothing.



I'm from Belfast, and having flown to Belfast and back quite a lot since Janaury, I'm getting to know the guidlines quite well. I'm going to send some of my meds over to my grandparents before I go. It might cost a small fortune in postage, but it'll be cheaper than paying evil Ryanairs excess fees. Because I'm going to be going to the ROI I won't be able to use our scripts. Ireland can have very variable weather, so it's best to pack for all occasions!

Vicky x


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