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My name is Michelle. My 9 month old son, Jonathan,was diagonised with asthma yesterday. He'd had a bad cough for 2 months and they finally decided that it was asthma. In a way if feel quite guilty as a) I only breast fed for 8 weeks and b) out house is v dusty as we are pulling down 50 year old plaster, which is just dust. In a way it didn't come as a surprise, beacuse out of 7 granchildren (that's my generation) 5 have/have had asthma (I for one still have it).

Michelle and Jonathan

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  • hello michelle,

    im sorry to here about your son,i hope he gets on ok,im sure its not anthing that you did and its just one of them things that was going to happen sooner or later,if asthma runs in your family theres not alot you can do to stop it.take care and say hello to jonathon for me.

    from d58

  • My daughter had it really young too only in those days they wouldn't diagnose it until they were 2 years old. My son also had to be nebulised as a baby. My daughter grew out of it for a few years early teens and now just has the occasional problem at 20. My son developed recurrent tonsilitis which seemed to give him asthma like syptoms from being a baby until he was 6 when they twigged it was his throat causing the problem. He was even put on inhalers for a while but they made no difference. Now is a big strapping healthy 15 year old with hayfever.

  • Thankyou for the messages. I just wish ti professionals would make up their mind, the dr said it was asthma and then when we saw the asthma nurse, she said the only way to really telll is to slowly cut down his inhaler and see in the cough persist. With the inhaler he does seem to be getting better. Any tips on how to get him to take is, he just pushes the mask off his face. So far I have tried putting the mask on a toy 1st and putting the past on me and making a funny noise, these work for a couple of times then he's back pushing it off. Also I fell really bad beacuse twice now I've forgoten to give him his inhaler and he seems to cough bad at aroung the time it's due espec if his tired, any ideas on how I can remeber.

    Michelle and Jonathan

  • Problem with spacer mask & baby.

    Hi , I'm new to this Asthma website too, so bear with me!. I've got an 11 yr old son with mild Asthma, and when he was a baby I used the mask with his inhalers too. What we did was to let him play with the mask for a bit, and try not to make a big thing out of getting it out to use. Also, I know it's hard, but sometimes you just have to be quite firm, and pop the mask on to his little face, after whooshing a couple of puffs of Salbutamol into the mask & tube. When he was asleep, and a bit wheezy, I used to hold the mask about 1cm from his nose & mouth and whoosh a couple to puffs, then let him breathe normally, without waking him up.(In theory!) Hope this helps. Good luck, Sue.

  • Michelle, stop feeling bad, it sounds like poor Jonathan was going to get asthma whatever and breast feeding for 8 weeks is better than not doing it at all and house renovations etc have to happen at some point I am having new floors laid it needs to be done it will be dust city for a while but life has to go on. You are having to get used to a new routine and sometimes we all forget things, so long as you do your best to make sure he has had his inhalers then you are not a bad mum. In time it will become part of your routine but it takes some time to adjust and just as you thought you had it sussed you will realise you are not quite there. I spent several minutes today panicking about if I had taken my pred, I had I always take it 1st thing but I do it without knowing almost and could not remember, so you see even for seasoned suffers sometimes we get muddled. Stop being so hard on yourself it sounds like you are doing just fime to me.

    Now a message of hope he could grow out of it, I have a super fit 17 year old who had a statement at primary school he was so ill with his asthma he could not even get from the house to car without in the winter without triggering a massive attack, anyone rememeber the size of the old non mains nebulisers, we used to have to take one to school and everywhere, he had growth stunting, lived on pred and knew all the nurses on the local childrens ward. Now he takes seretide, singualair and the odd puff of ventolin, rides 4 miles a day playes football and basketball and thinking about doing a sports degree or being a fireman!


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