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My son was diagnosed with asthma in March at 11 months old. He was rushed to hospital suffering from a collapsed lung and respiratory failure. Since then he has continued to have attacks but not as severe.

We see an asthma nurse regularly and his medication seems to be growing in an attempt to control his asthma.

My main problem when he is well is that I can't seem to control my own stress. I hold it together when he is ill and then fall apart completely. I don't know if anyone else feels like this or what they do to cope?

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Coping with Stress

I struggle to cope with stress too, and everyone has a different coping mechanism. Before things become too difficult and you cannot cope with stress I seriously suggest that you go and see your own GP, ask for some moral support perhaps some couselling. Maybe they could teach you some stress management skills. When I was a little girl my father found it very hard to cope with my asthma, it used to worry him a great deal. In turn his frustration at seeing me suffer just increased my stress.

I know you wouldn't want your son to pick up on your stress, so please turn to others close to home for help. Don't be afraid to talk to friends and family is well. Even though your son has had a tough time, do you take time out for yourself. If not do so.

Hope things get better soon, good luck



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