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A momentary lapse

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Having had my wrist slapped for no apparent reason I have been reading without commenting for a while (difficult for me in either print or speech!) but on seeing Blackbird’s swan photo I started, without thinking, to write an appreciation and up came a full page reminder of the site’s rules, none of which I am aware of ever breaking. Hurt and offended would cover how I’m feeling. Apart from Hypercat in her many incarnations, I am probably close to being one of the longest inhabitants of this community and don’t think I’ve ever been cruel to anyone but my first feeling now is “b****r this for a game of soldiers”. My second feeling is “how dare they treat me like this?” If admin or whoever is responsible for this would like to contact me to explain I would be very receptive.

26 Replies
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Great to see you teenieleek and I can understand your hurt. I don’t know why you had your wrist slapped but it would be nice to hear from whoever felt the need to do just that. Don’t hold your breath though. Just stay on here with your friends and enjoy the chat and support. Always lovely to hear from you. Xxxx❤️

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Oh teenieleek. I am sorry you feel this way and I don't know what happened before to cause you such grief. However, I will say the message you saw was not directed at you personally. When people haven't posted for a long time I believe the message to be automatic. Honestly, this is not worth all your outrage and anxiety. Enjoy the posts, connect with your friends here and let it go. It just isn't worth your angst. Life is too short. Glad to see you posting again. Love from us. xx 🙋‍♀️🐕

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I didn't see the message teenieleek but I prefer to believe Caspiana's reasoning.Stay with us please. You would be sadly missed if you go xx

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Hi teenieleek. You say you have done nothing wrong and you are hurting. Forget and just keep on going. Really going further is not worth the bother.

Chin up

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Teenieleek!😊 How lovely to see you. I was thinking of you only yesterday and planning to send you a pm to try & persuade you to join in again. I’ve really missed your sense of humour. I don’t know how or why you’ve been sent that message & anyway I thought the reaction to your original remark was ridiculous & completely ott! I’d be pee’d off too. But arrange the following in the correct order: down don’t bastewards get the you let! Cas is right, life’s too short to deny yourself our sparkling company any longer (admittedly I added the last bit) 😘

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Hello Teenie. So sorry you feel p****d off. This sort of thing seems to happen to some of our best and brightest members. I don't know why. Equally, deliberately provocative posts seem to pass without comment. Please don't upset yourself about it. We (the Teenieleek fan club) love you and like to hear from you. xxx😗😗🤗🙃

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peege in reply to Alberta56

Ditto! 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

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Hi, I had the same thing come up about rules of posting a while ago when I hadn't posted for a long time as everything I tried to post came up as goobledegook. I assumed it was an updated version and just agreed to it. I hadn't been in trouble for anything that I'm aware of. Enjoy! xx

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Hello again teenieleek and welcome back, no one should feel ostracised and what about freedom of speech as long as its not abusive there is no need to not have your say .there that's it ,my reply 👍😆❤️

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I can understand your hurt but wouldnt fret too much about it teenieleek. A few of our gifted members have been through this. Just put this behind you and its good to see you back on site . Wasnt sure I would be able to post today as yesterday afternoon n0kithing was working x

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I get it every time I reply if I haven’t done so for a while - it’s just a reminder about the rules which is fine by me hopefully will keep any trolls at bay if they have any scruples at all that is!!!!

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'Many incarnations'? I have been trolled on here a couple of times so had to change my name. I have had a total of 4 for your information - hypercat, hypercat54 (which I reverted back to). Coughalot and lilaclil. Each time the trolls had gone I revealed it on the site.

I have nothing to hide and I resent the implication in your post.

In the rules you clearly missed the bit about not 'naming and shaming'. I am due an apology please.

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teenieleek in reply to hypercat54

Oh no, I do apologise. It wasn’t meant to imply that you were hiding anything simply as an illustration of how long we’ve both been around. I know you were trolled and had to change your name. It was in fact meant affectionately. I suppose it just shows how easy it is to upset someone in print when you can’t hear the tone of their voice or see their expression. Please don’t be angry. I don’t seem to be able to get anything right these days!

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eleanordigby in reply to teenieleek

I took it as an affectionate reference to hypercat, not a “dig” at all. Proves how easy it is to offend people in cyberspace. I’m more careful with new people, but if it’s someone who knows me well I tend to presume they’ll “get it” ie know I’m not having a go at them

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O2Trees in reply to eleanordigby

I didnt see it as a dig either

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Patk1 in reply to teenieleek


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sassy59 in reply to teenieleek


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Thank you for your reply. I still don't see the need to say 'many name changes' though, despite us both having been here so long.

However I accept your apology as the written word can be difficult to interpret. Have a good day.

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keep posting teenieleek Hope you are well x

Lol1944 profile image

totally ignore any digital slaps. stick with us , it is to our mutual benefit, all of us

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Hi teenieleek,

it appears to me, rule reminders are BUILT into the system it’s NOT always personal.

Perhaps, as Collienut says “it seems to raise its head after a long silence from a member”. This has happened me.

Stay with us. 😊


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Good to see you back posting teenieleek 😊x

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Hey Teenieleek - I joined before either Hypercat or yourself!!! A year before Hypercat and a month before your good self lol. Just for the record, and good to see you again xx

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sassy59 in reply to O2Trees

Way to go Jean! Xx👍😀

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Fully understand, teenieleek.

My access was restricted over Christmas and the New Year because I was so busy on Christmas Day, I just copied and pasted a Christmas greeting to those posts where it was appropriate. Nothing mentioned in the general terms and conditions I had seen.

The trouble is, the site is run with hidden algorithms which automatically take action in certain circumstances, and we can accidentally fall foul of them without malicious intent.

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Hi my lovely not the first time this has happened to you recently . I think sometimes when you haven't posted in a while it comes up with the message...

Don't worry about it your back and being yourself again 💯 ✨️...

Enjoy the forum as lots of us do 💙🩵

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