My mother is suffering from asthma from the last 25 years or so.Now the condition is getting worse day by day.She can't able to sleep in nights.So she spend nights by sitting on bed only although she felt sleepy but as soon as lay down to sleep the asthmatic attack starts.I think as she lay down the mucus flows in the throat which prevents her from breathing while laying on bed.Please suggest if someone can have helpful information regarding this..

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  • Ayurveda has natural and permanent treatment for Asthma. Though the treatment process is very slow, it aims at permanent cure, rather than suppressing the symptoms as in modern medicine. The best place for Ayurveda is Kerala, India. To know in detail about Kerala ayurveda and its effectiveness in Asthma:

  • You could try our home-made ayurvedic medicines for asthma. As anand339 said, ayurveda aims at permanent cure but the treatment process is slow & steady.

  • Hi ! Check Cureyo- My niece has asthma, I was told about cureyo by a friend. We made a consultation with them and condition is much better now!

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