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I have asthma

From childhood , I used to suffer breathing problem when there was a dust allergy , I can't sleep in that night , more over I can't breath properly , but this suffering will clear perfectly when morning came. I don't how this was occurring only at night time. As the time goes , now my age is 27 , Now I am suffering the same breath problem during day time also , In that time I can't walk and feeling very much pain in the back side ., hence I met with one pulmonologist , and taken PFT and concluded I have asthma ,he asked me to continue the Seroflo inhaler (250 mg) during morning and night one puff and some tablets. I was taking the medicine one month continuously , when I am taking the medicine , that time I was feeling very good ,if I not taking that medicine one day, I am again feeling some what breath taking problem ( not much) . I really want to know , why it was happening , Do I need to take those medicines continuously through out my end ? Please advise.

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Asthma is a chronic decease and is not curable. But you can manage it very well and control asthma attacks but you will need medicines. Your requirement of medicines will depend on how you control your decease. One of the first priority of all deceases is through diet control. In case of asthmatics certain foods aggravate asthma. So try to find out which food items are not suitable for you. You can also go for allergy testing of daily food items.

Avoiding certain environmental conditions also help in managing asthma. (pollution, severe cold etc.)

Additionally you can consult for yoga therapy and specifically related to breathing which may help you in controlling asthma.

Always take meals in such quantity that you don't feel full otherwise it exerts pressure on the diaphragm and ultimately on the lungs and it will cause discomfort in breathing. Try to avoid /stop eating spicy and heavy (to digest) food items.

(This is not my personal experience but my father has asthma since his childhood and he is managing it very well at the age of 78 with strict diet since last 45 years but of course with medicines.)


Before 5 years, I was using Asthalin inhaler 5-6 daily to control my asthma. My health weakened and I could see my end at that time. So I made my own research and found my way of living to control asthma. I started taking vitamin c tablets (Celin 500mg) and seven seas fish oil capsules both two times daily. And started using Beclate inhaler daily once (in the evening). So it succeeded and my asthma is under control since then. I am able to do running, climbing, trekking , exercising like a normal person. I advice you not to take internal medicines as they have so many side effects. Do yoga daily. Instead of using combination inhalers, try to use separate inhalers. Do not eat stomach full.


Asthma is a severe respiratory condition unless treated with proper medical attention. I think you should stop taking those medicines as they might be steroids which gives you instant relief. Why can't you go for some traditional medicines like Ayurveda. They are harmless. Blogs like are assuring permanent cure for asthma is available. just check on them.

good luck