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Hi guys. I'm asking about autism and the symptoms reason why I'm asking. I don't like being around people I feel that I don't fit in and people don't like me I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was younger I've also got bad anxiety. The symptoms I currently have with my anxiety are dizziness, tiredness, nausea, panic attacks, breathing funny, really anxious around people, upset stomach when I'm out or around people now I'm wondering if some of my symptoms could be autism? I stay at home mostly doing my hobby etc I don't go out but when I'm in my own place and on my own I'm fine



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  • Hi jack,

    Sounds like my son who's 29 and only this year was dx with Asperger's. If you feel like that you need to go and see your gp and ask to be referred to a syciatrist ( sorry for the spelling but you get the gist.) since being dx my son now is getting some help.

  • Thanks for your reply. What problems does your son have if you don't mind me asking? And doesn't he go out at all like me?

  • Do you know about the website WrongPlanet? Made by and for autistic people. You can compare your experience with others there, ask questions of people who have a diagnosis, and even play some fun games! And/or, get a referral to a competent specialist who is trained in autism evaluation. Many are not.

    Best wishes to you.

  • Hi. i haven't heard about that site ill check it out thank you.

  • There is also aspie village which is for UK and Ireland based folk. It accepts anyone on the spectrum whether or not they have a diagnosis. If you live near bath there is a support group I run once a month. message me to find out more.

  • Please go to your GP and explain your symptoms and how you feel. Ask for a referral to Mental Health Services and ask about an assessment for a formal diagnosis. Asperger Syndrome has so many co-existing disorders.....ADHD, anxiety, depression, dyslexia, OCD to name but a few. The trouble is, without a formal diagnosis you will not be able to access a whole load of support that you could really do with, and some GP'S don't like 'labels!', but that's really not up to them to decide. I had to fight with my GP to send my younger son for his diagnosis. Please go back to the Dr and tell them you're not happy with just being given pills, that you want to get to the root of the problem and not just have the symptoms addressed. If you feel that one Dr isn't taking you seriously, then see a different one! Tell them that a diagnosis would help you and give you insight into why you are the way you are and an understanding of how you feel and view yourself. This is what both my sons said when asked what a 'formal' diagnosis would mean to them! 😊x

  • The thing I'm worried about is I can't work because of it I'm no good around people I never have been and if I'm in a group of people I have anxiety attacks. When I was at school I felt awkward being around people never use to go most of time feels like I don't fit in no where. I'd rather stay at home then be around a group of people etc. I'm on benefits because of my problems and I'm worried that it'll get stopped. I'm not a lazy person I'd like to work but because of my problems I just can't be around people and for my IBS the pain I'm in also

  • And....P.S......Wrong Planet is a fab website! 😊 x

  • Wrong planet is a con, they ban Autists if you speak your mind..this is a fab website.

  • They're ALL common feelings felt by people on the Autistic Spectrum ( both my boys have said the exact same things) but are also common in social anxiety and panic disorders and agoraphobia. That's why a proper diagnosis needs to be done. There's also the fact that it's limiting your life in the can't go out, work study or mix with people. Those things alone need investigating! X

  • Hi Jack,

    I have Aspergers, can I ask when you were diagnosed with having ADHD? Thanks

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