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New hope


I am diabetic for over 16 years, taking 3 metformin 850mg, 4 glyburides 2,5mg, januvia 100mg and 25 units of low insulin, so I start to look for alternative medicine and I contacted over 30 Chinese company's and after 10 months of research I found 5 extracts that are helping me to cut dawn januvia and glyburide and my AC 1is 6,3 (112), expecting to cut my insulin in a very near future.

Never before I felt so well, I was going to the bathroom 7 or 8 times at night, now only 2 or 3, I am having back my sex life and I can eat almost anything and my readings after 2 hours are below 10 (180).Keeping a diet my readings are below 8.

I am almost sure those extracts can stop the progression of this pandemic.