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Help understanding information on medical report re: smear / pap / cervical screening

Sorry, I’m totally new to this, never posted on any forum before. But I am desperate to know what this means and my Gp isn’t open now until Monday and I will only worry about this!! What does this information mean on my medical report

‘Screening - abnormal, phone encounter failed - to be arranged’ :



Trichomonas vaginalis - not seen

Clue cells - not seen

Yeasts - not seen


Heavy dose of Candida species

I attended my gp due to abdominal/ pelvic pains on this particular day. However, experiencing lots of different symptoms over the last 4 months, including lower pelvis pain on left side, pain in lower part of back, again left side, constipation followed by diarrhoea (which contains some kind of mucus / jelly), hospitalised once due to chest pains and again recently due to fainting at work, change I’m periods, white tissue like discharge, total fatigue spending most of my days in bed and actually sleeping, only not at night time!! Sec is the last thing on my mind because it doesn’t feel the same down there, almost like an empty feeling (if that makes sense), my skin even looks different and almost loss of feeling. The gp carried out an internal and also did a swab of my cervix on this day.

Not heard anything regarding the above results, even though it says abnormal I am so confused with all this any help would be very much appreciated

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Hi Maxie,

We're sorry to hear that you have so many health worries at the moment, we completely understand that this is all very distressing.

When you've spoken to your doctor, if you would like to go through the results/next steps with our gynae Nurse Tracie, please email nurse@eveappeal.org.uk and if you'd like her to phone you, please include your number and good/bad times to call.

Best Wishes,

Team Eve.