Arthritis Ireland

Hip and knee pain

I have been struggling with arthritis in my knees for quite a few years now but the right one is getting really sore and swollen. To make matters worse, my right hip is now giving problems, with shooting pains when I move in a certain way-turning in bed or in a chair, or walking. I was referred for a pain injection into the hip last September but due to local cuts in the health budget, that hasn't happened. I am finding it very difficult to walk, and am relying more and more on my mobility scooter, which is not a good move. I went to see my GP this morning and she said one of the Drs could possibly do the injection. Has anyone had this done and has it helped? My concern is that it might delay surgery if that was needed, though the GP said it wouldn't affect surgery at all.

Would appreciate feedback from anyone with this same problem.