Hi new member here

Hi, I have just joined this site, and am a bit surprised to find it not more used.

It really is a change to see a site that is not mainly devoted to RA, although I have been welcomed on that site, by very kind people.

I must say, when I saw it on the list of communities, I only looked out of curiosity, as I thought it wouldnot be very relevent, because it is South African.

I wonder if ther is any way of encouraging other nationalities to join too, I am English, and would love to see this site be more active!

Good luck, I have added this list to my communities, and will be looking in regularly.


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  • Hi Cazbaz, I think it is taking a little time to catch on, and am sure it will in time.

    I myself have not been a regular visitor, but will look in on a more regular basis. Have a nice weekend.

  • Thanks jeanette, you too


  • Yeah I am mainly on the fibroaction site but I wish this was as busy as that one as I manage my fibro my arthritis I can't yet... Every med I have had my body has gone mad


  • Me too, nothing touches the pain, I just get told nothing we can do, and left to get on with it.

    When I had an MRI on my spine, the specialist plonked a box of tissues in front of me, before taking me through it, and said that it will get worse, I have the Spine of a lady of 85, and will almost certainly end up in a wheelchair, (I was 50 then)

    He said they could only help me if I was paralysed!

    Lets hope a few more may join here,

    Best wishes,


  • Hi Caz, i'm a new member here too. How are you getting on? I thought you and i could connect. I'm African by the way. Going to spread the word now that i found this community.

    You take care and God bless,


  • Hi Essy,

    It is great to hear from you, I am a bit better, I had a torn disc last week, but am slowly on the mend! A great idea to spread the word, it is so nice to talk to others who understand, although sad to think of so many people are in pain!

    Hugs, Cazx