Joint pain

Greetings, I'm new here. 😀 I manage joint pain okay with diet and exercise so far with tramadol at night or if I am super sore from being especially active that day, like yard work, house work etc. I basically live with it as is. What works best is swimming. But . . The biggest problem with RA is the fatigue and low energy indurance AND if I get too run down from doing basically what would be normal, I am down for days. If there is the slightest invasion of; wheather change, too much company, emotional conflict, allergies etc. I'm wiped out, sometimes for 3 day's. I don't get it !!! Pisses me off ha. Help !!

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  • What do you eat, humorbased?

  • I follow an anti inflammatory diet, Concerned. I don't eat gluten. Although I do occasionally because A. It is really hard to do and B. That warm French bread just makes me loose control. Ha. I notice if I continue on a long run of eating gluten joint pain will increase. Some years back I was really having increased joint pain and it was getting worse. I was depressed at the time and eating a lot of bread (comfort food) . After telling my chiropractor he tested me for Iga for wheat gluten and I was elevated, meaning I am sensitive to gluten. I went gluten free and in a week, yes a week my joint pain was half of what is was. So I am pretty good With no gluten. The anti inflammatory diet is a little more complicated and I,m pretty good, 75% of the time. Search "anti inflammatory diet " .

  • Will you give me a sample of what you eat, because there are different variations of what are considered anti-inflammatory diets. I consider I eat an anti-inflammatory diet for example, because I avoid foods that spike blood glucose and insulin levels. I also don't eat much fructose which makes blood sticky, thickens it, causes NAFLD and insulin resistance.

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