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Arthritis New Zealand

Hello everyone

Kia ora, tena koutou katoa.. I am the Arthritis New Zealand digital comms person and I am based in the Auckland Office of Arthritis New Zealand. I would love to build this place up so that you can all gain a lot of support, wisdom and help through this platform. The nga mihi Awhina

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Hi, I live in England, my daughter lives in NZ. I travelled to NZ 2 years ago after a recent diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was so well in your beautiful Country. I arrived in early Feb in Central Otago on no meds and my whole body seemed more supple. I had minimum pain killers and had little joint swelling. I arrived back i n UK after 6 weeks and had a major flair with unbelievable joint pain. I know it was hot in NZ and cold a d damp in UK but my whole body felt light and flexible in NZ. The air was so pure and I could breath so easily ( I am asthmatic) I would like to hear how you deal with Rheumatoid Arthritis. All meds I have tried so far suppress my immune system too much and make me Ill so I am back on just pain relief again.

Kia ora beautiful people