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Does anyone know about this

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Hi blue lady-sing

Could you give a bit more information? What do you want to know about IVF?

this is a forum for people affected by postpartum psychosis, have you looked at other sites or groups specifically supporting women about fertility etc?


Do the hormone injections cause my problems


I had postpartum psychosis in November 2013 following the birth of my son.

I didn’t have IVF but I did have the stage before (IUI) there wasn’t any mention that the hormone injections were linked to me getting PP. The biggest trigger for PP is lack of sleep

Hope this helps x

Was it the birth? Had you any previous MH problems

Hi, I had a traumatic birth and was in labour for 36 hours and then had to get rushed to theatre. I was in hospital for 6 days which didn’t help with sleep but I just felt like I could do everything and didn’t need sleep.

No other medial health problems before this x

Is this your first baby??

I have a diagnosis of Bipolar and high risk of PPP, I went for pre-IVF consultation with the peri-natal psychiatrists, she said that there had not been much high quality research into but of the women she treated only one had become ill. My personal experience is that the hormones mimicked the pregancy hormones and I felt well and steady on them. I think PP is related to post birth only (drop in hormones). I also looked on the Bipolar UK website for info and there wasn't anything. Frustrating. I think as long as you tell your MH team that you are doing it, you should stay well. Try to reduce other triggers in your life like moving house, moving job, keep plans gentle and come up with a plan for support just in case it doesn't work. Hope that helps.

I shall tell my friend