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I asking on behalf of my friend.

Do you get withdrawal with quetiapine

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Hi Bluelady-sing,

What a nice friend you are looking for information on her behalf. I personally don't have experience with quetiapine, but I am aware that other mums in the forum did. I took olanzapine for a bit more than a year, and very gradually weaned off it on reductions of 2.5 g at a time. I followed the plan that my phsychiatrist drew and thankfully didn't experience any withdrawl symptoms. I started to feel less numb and detached when I went to the minimum dose, which was a great boost to my mood. I hope that your friend has good support in place to advice on medication changes and reductions.

You can also search for previous threads on quetiapine in this forum, there is quite a bit of information here.

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