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I am an expectant grandmother, and ask, If diagnosed with pre-eclampsia would one be admitted to hospital OR be monitored at home.

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I am not sure to be honest. I think it may depend on circumstances and how the PE is affecting the pregnancy. Have you looked at the APEC website?

In my case I was sent to the hospital from an antenatal appointment with high BP at nearly 28wks.. I was there for over a week on BP medication with my bloods and urine closely monitored. Once my BP was more stable (and as my other tests were not too bad at that stage) I was sent home, to return to hospital as an outpatient every other day.

However, on the second appointment my son wasn't doing well on his ctg (drops in heart rate and no movement) so they admitted me again. Within a couple of hours my BP sky rocketed and my other tests were deteriorating. They decided to deliver him by emergency caesarean at 29 wks. (He is now a healthy and happy 4-yr old).

Is the mother experiencing symptoms or difficulties? If you are worried and in the UK I would call APEC. They were excellent and support all people involved not just the parents.

Congratulations on your upcoming grand-motherhood and best wishes

Anna x


Dear Expectant Grandmother, This would depend on a number of factors such as weeks gestation, blood pressure level, previous history etc. If you are concerned please do email me directly on with more details and I can give you more help. Kind regards, Ann Marie , APEC


Like the others have said, it would depend on the circumstances. I was diagnosed at 25 weeks with pre-eclampsia and had two overnight stays in hospital, one at a few days after 25 weeks so that they could monitor my BP overnight, and one a few days later for the same reason. Then I was admitted again at 26+5 and was going to be kept from then until the baby needed to be delivered, whether that was days, weeks or months, because they needed to monitor us both constantly and deliver as soon as things got worse for one of us. As it happened, she was delivered two days later. xx