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Cancer and the risk of blood clots

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I have multiple clots on the lungs no dvt's and keep asking why and if they could be the result of some cancer in my body as I have had lots of symptoms ct scans mri scans radioactive isotope ct scans lots of contrast dye and they can't find anything but I feel so rotten have blood count thats always on the very lower end of normal I'm convinced they're missing something and these clots on my lungs only strengthen my opinions I'm at a loss as is my weight and I am disabled with m.e. so don't know why I can't put weight on ?

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I had a blood clot 11 years ago when I had cancer, the radiology doctor forgot to mention that I should stay on the injections to help with the clot!!

Anyway this year I knew something wasn’t right! It turned out I had a blood clot in my right leg a DVT and a PE on my lung! But I’m now taking warfarin and getting on ok although I do get very tired.

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Clot in left lung 3mm now DVT left leg

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I had Stage 2 renal cancer nine years ago and my right kidney was removed.

Following a routine CT scan 4 weeks ago I was diagnosed with multiple clots in both lungs (PE). No other indictors or anomalies were found.

Currently taking Apixaban and scheduled for a CT pulmonary angiogram in 2 weeks time. The cause of these clots is unknown so far, working with a consultant hematologist to try and find the cause if any. Feeling tired, slightly breathless and a hacking cough, which does appear to be easing.

I was unaware until the consultation with my urologist, following the results from the scan, that I was more susceptible to clots as I had/was living with cancer.