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What is the difference between primary and secondary care services for anorexia?

Saw my CBT nurse last friday and because funding is being cut she told me that primary care will no longer be able to see anorexic patients, they will only see bulimic and binge eaters. She told me I will have to be referred to secondary care, this might have not have been for a few weeks but because my issues regarding food are getting out of control she is bringing it forward. I am now obsessing about fat and sugar in food not just calories, cant even allow myself to drink diet coke now. She will continue to see me till I can see a specialist eating disorder nurse. I have built up such a good relationship with my current CBT nurse that I'm really upset and worried it will send me into a downward spiral.She assured me the new nurse is excellent and that I will get on with her and she will be there at first. Has anyone else experienced this. What are the main differences in care? Plus can anyone relate to my new fears about food, why have I suddenly become obsessed about this out of the blue? Is it because my anorexic voice is really loud at the minute?

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