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To old for this

Hi, I have been suffering from bulimia for... Well I can actually remember but I guess it's been "serious" for about a year. I'm starting to feel the side effects I guess like breathing difficulty and I really want to stop with all my heart becos I have 3 children who are my everything so I know I must stop.... So why can't I when I know it so clearly in my head?? I'm 33 & to old for this, right!?!

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I've suffered with anorexia and bulimia for 5 years now and often think when is it going to stop!? It's so so difficult but at the moment I just take each day as it comes

And if I fail one day il start again tomorrow. Sorry for the rubbish advice but if you can't handle it on your own its best to seek professional help. All the best


Thank you for the reply, 5 years wow do you mind me asking how long of that time were you regularly vomiting? And are you suffering from any side effects? And how long have you been in "recovery" so sorry for all the questions but I havet spoken to anyone else with bulimia before


No problem, 1 was treated as an inpatient when I was 17 and was probably fully recovered for 6 months. To be honest it's pretty much everyday at the moment. I'm sure iv done internal damage but I'm not sure i won't to know. I have terrible anxiety and panic attacks and I think the thought of making myself ill so often regularly brings them on... However the doctor says I'm fine. I fully intend to keep fighting but have accepted it will always be difficult and It will probably always be with me.


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