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I'm certain my older brother has Bulimia but he totally denies it, I want him to get help from a GP, but he refuses to go, what should I do?

My 22 year old brother already suffers manic depression until one point he threatened to kill himself after splitting my head open for no reason. My mum finally persuaded him to go to the GP but I don't think he did as he seems to still get random moments where he gets extremely aggressive and bi-polar and he can't seem to control it. A couple of years ago I remembered actually thinking he was Bulimic when he was being sick straight after a meal then denying it. He shows every sign and symptom of Bulimia and even my younger sister thinks so. I am certain he has it. However when I tell him I'm concerned and tell him I've noticed everything he does, he gets very agitated and denies everything and almost laughs it off! I tell him I won't mention it to mum if he just goes to a GP but he completely denies it.

He masks it very well from my parents, and they don't seem to notice or understand how serious I think his mental health problems are. I'm no expert but I can tell he is extremely insecure about himself, and his mental health is not stable at all. I feel so sorry for him and I want to help him but he won't co-operate can someone please help what should I do? How do I get him to see a GP bearing in mind he gets extremely aggressive if I say the wrong thing?

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You need to get your mum on board! I sit here today so great full that my parents forced me to get help... Although I was aggressive and hateful toward them at the time, they understood that was the eating disorder. If no one acts it will only get worse. I know it must be difficult but explain to your mum the problem with supporting evidence. Good luck


So sorry you are experiencing such a difficult time with a very delicate illness such a bulimia to broach the subject with your brother! I totally agree with the previous answer get your parents support. I know its difficult situation for you to be in but the sooner you can "talk" as a family or him just with your mum the better. As you a probably aware this illness is progressive an time is the essence here. Even if he gets defensive (which he probably with) at least you can present your worries and facts of bulimia will have on his health. The consequences of leaving it another day it just prolongining and procrastinating what sounds like enevitable, he is suffering from this illness and will defend it to the bitter end.

I hope you can reach some sort of understanding between you if he at least admits to it "Acceptance" is the key to recovery.

I shall be praying for you all as a family.

Good luck

Best wishes & God Bless X



There is really good advice above but perhaps you could consider approaching it from the other side. Yr brother seems to have longstanding and poorly managed mental health problems. If you (with help from your parents and/or anyone else he trusts) were able to get him to seek help for that the other problems such as his bulimia may resolve themselves. I know for myself I turned to bulimia and self harm as a way of dealing with my problems of depression and anxiety. It was a coping mechanism, almost to the point of self medicating. If your brother is in a simular situation he would find it v hard to put down his bulimia as it may be the only thing holding him up. The underlying issues would need to be resolved first.

I hope you are able to find the help and support you all need.

Take Care,



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