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I have just been accepted to Special High-Risk Eating Disoder as urgent case for Severe Anorexia .Strat treatment Tues grateful feed-back x

s anyone had similuar treatment to over-come Anorexia and could advise me on what type of treatment this entails? I"m @ my lowest point ecer, I was referred as urgent case as I have been in Intensive /care earlier this year and hospital for a month with Pneumonia, respiratory failure, sepsis and septicemia. i was told I came extremely close to death and fortunate to have survived as my vital organ started to shut down in ICU and was very ill, confused due to bloods all to pot and very frightended. I am petrified this could and will happen again if I don"t gain weight. I am 5stone BMI just 13. I start therapy on ward Tuesday and would be grateful if anyone has experienced simular circumstances to me and could kindly give me some feed-back? Living in hope for the future with the Right Professionals to help me. I am desperate to over-come Anorexia for good for myself, my patient husband and children who are all deeply concerned for me!! Kind regards

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I do not have any experience similar to yourself, however I wanted to send my support to you and to your family. It sounds like you are at your lowest point so what have you got to lose if you buy into what the professionals are giving you. I encourage you to be really honest with everyone, keep no secrets from them and tell them exactly what is going on in your head. Loads of love, keep in touch and you really can do this.....


Thank you for your support and kind wishes. I agree honesty is the Key out of this incidious illness!! Although grateful for help I"m about to receive as crazy as it may seem I"m fearfull and full of trepidation as to what happens next! I know this is "Last=stop Saloon" for me as the consequnces of not getting well will be fatal! I very much appreciate your confidence you have in me which inspires me to go in with 100% honesty and work with the team. God Bless Lots of love. Best wishes to you too x


Thank you so much for your support. I agree my thinking is totally irrational @ the moment. I am desperate to get well as the consequnces are fatal if I don"t! I have wonderful family & friends don"t want to put myself or them through another stay in ICU! I know I may not be "Lucky!) enough to survive again. Although I am englufed with fear of the unknown! I wish you well with your own recovery as nobody understands Anorexia if you hav"nt experienced it yourself. Good luck. God Bless. In my thoughts & prayers x


Good luck. Recovery is possible. Please just hold on as long as you can. Life is precious, sadly i only realised that when i got better.


Thank you for your reply & support. You have encouraged me that Recovery is possible from this incidious illness. I agree life is so very precious! I know I have/desperaetely want to overcome Anorexia yet I"m so full of fear and trepidation about treatment (sounds crazy I know!). If not the consequences are going to be fatal & I can"t put myself or family through that!! I"m encouraged to hear you have recovered and wish you well for your bright future. Many thanks


Just wanted to add my support with the others. I think it is important to remember that everyone will be working to help you get to a healthy weight so that you can enjoy your life with your family. It may not feel like it as you go through the process and there will probably be difficult times - but if you stick with it the results will be worth it..

I agree with the others that such a low weight will mean that your mind is not functioning as well as when you are at a healthy weight. So I pray that you'll be able to trust your team. Not easy but it is possible.

I'll be thinking and praying for you.xx


Hi, just seen your posts and wanted to send you my best wishes and prayers too. I have been so grateful for people's prayers as I battle this horrible illness. I keep telling myself that with God's help I will be able to beat this and come out the other side. Keep strong and God bless. xxxxxxxxx


I am new to all this and an extremely worried mum. I have just had my daughter referred for possible CBT and hopes someone can help. She is intelligent and hopefully off to Uni this summer - so I don't understand why she can make plans and do what she is doing - her health seems to be deteriorating fast. Only four days back in college and a health incident each day. I'm so scared. Nobody has spoke to me about what to expect or how to treat/cope with her.

I'm not posting now for advice or sympathy - but I just saw this and really felt for you as I feel for my daughter now, and will pray that you work with the professionals and allow them to help you get your health back.

Like all the above posts - be strong, believe in yourself, and will yourself a better, happier healthier life each morning you wake up.

Please keep us posted.

God Bless xx


Dearest Bettybabay,

This site is so wonderful I wish my daughter could link up with people like yourself, I'm convinced she would know who I am though after reading some of my postings. :/ Not sure what to do about that because the information, friendship and support offered is invaluable to such a vulnerable person (my daughter).

Thank you for your p.m. offer, I need to just think how it might work as telling her about all this would freak her out and therefore run the risk of detaching her self further from us. Leave that with me, I will p.m. you soon. Very considerate of you.

I've had a bad day with work, health and daughter and feel so exhausted!

I signed up on this site for 'other' health advice for myself but since - I've had this emotional blow.

It would seem my life at the moment is like little 'boxes' ; some I can open, deal with what's inside and then close, put back on the shelf. Some boxes I open and slam shut because I don't know how to deal with what's inside. The others have burst open and are too overwhelming and I can't gain control to shut them again, like chasing butterflies. Perhaps I'll wake up in the morning and some kind person will have tidied them all away for me. ?No? :)

Thank you

God Bless xx


Hi, Just seen your post and wanted to send my support and best wishes , with the support of your family and the medical experts , i truley hope you can fight this destroying disease.

I was told last night that a close family member who has struggled for years with bulimia and has spent the last 6 weeks in hospital has 48 hrs left as all her organs are shutting down. We are devastated. PLEASE BE STRONG AND FIGHT, dont let it beat you.

Love and best wishes to you. xxx


Hope things have stablised

Always praying.



I am sincerely sorry to hear your devasating news about your close family member. I am thinking and praying for you all at this very sad time.

Bless you for taking the time to send me your support and best wishes under your circumstances. I too was in Intensive Care last year with complications, pneumonia, septicemia,sepsis (my organs startted to shut-down). I was very fortunate to have survived. This prompted me out of fear to seek the help and treatment currently undergoining.

It is an incidious, cruel illness. My heart goes out to her and family members.

In my thoughts and Prayers.

God Bless

Love x


Hi there Bettybaby,

How are you? How is the treatment going? Please be well and stronger. Let me know when you are up to it.



Hi Poppy-Rose

Thanks for enquiring after me. The treatment is going extremely well, thank you for asking. It is a fantasic Unit and all the Proffesioonals I am seeing are wonderful!!

I wish I had had enough courage to have sought this kind of treatment years ago!

It is hard work facing "demons" of the past, shed many tears but I feel they are "kleansing" tears. The analogy I find helpful is they are "pulling out the weeds for me to flower". I told them don"t forget the "root" as I would love to get well for good this time and leave horrendous illness behind me forever!!

How are things at your end?

I am praying for both you and especially your daughter, although I don"t know her, I know exactly where she is at!! I Pray she can at least accept some help and come out of denial. It is such a delicate balance what to say or do?

Best wishes to you both,

God Bless



Wow! Now that's good news. I'm really happy for you that you feel it's working. Life is full of ups and downs so don't be disappointed if you have a bad day/week/ month etc... the point is something is making a difference and it'll help you become much stronger.

I like the analogy - I'll use that one! lol.

Thank you for asking about my daughter.

I've just manage to get an end of March appointment in another town brought forward to a more local one due to a cancellation - to this week!!. So fingers crossed. This is just the assessment stage apparently. They will decide on treatment pending her responses to it all.

There seems to be some confusion with her condition so far as to whether she is Anorexic or Bulimic. She now doesn't eat until dinner time, a good healthy meal (though vegetarian) but purges afterwards. She seems to have traits from both and is losing weight rapidly. No change in her frame of mind since it all came out.

We accept and she knows, that after a meal she disappears to the bathroom/toilet whether at home or in a restaurant. :(

Anyway, keep me posted on your treatment. Private message me if you like. Good days and bad - feel free to off load. I'd like to think I'm not just a worried mum but a friend too. ;)

Bless you.



Hi Poppy Rose

That is wonderful news regarding the appoinemtent being brought forward to next week. I have to travel 25 miles 3 times week for my treatment. At least your daughter is starting to accept the fact she has a problem/illness and willing to go to the appointment, that is extremely good news!

I too was a vegetarian (so I thought) by I knew by being one it restricted my choice of food and I felft more in control at the time. The mind=set takes a great deal of time and therapy to change but at least finally she is going to the assessement! I have sent you a PM with more information. Best wishes BB X


Hi Betty,

You have been through so much and are being so brave. I am so glad that you are able to use this experience to galvanize yourself to fight for your recovery. I know it won't be easy. The disorder will fight back and it is so hard to ignore it's voice. Try to trust the people around you. They are fighting for you not against you :)

Please keep posting to let us know how you are getting on.

And know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.




Hi, although you feel scared and very anxious this will be the beest thing you have ever done. My son went into inpatient care aged 13 and now, although still stuggling is now in a much better place. The staff were amazing. As his mum I was worried they would be judgemental towards him but I was very wrong!! They were so lovely and caring I couldn't have asked for better care. Also he became firm freinds with others in there at the time...and is still in touch with them now. It was like being part of a big family...everyone really supported each other wich is great. Take one day at a time, you are taking the right steps. Take care, you can do this!!


Thank you all for your support. sorry I hav"nt been on site recently.Just with the treatement I find I have very little time to communicate!! I am so exhausted mentally after my sessions but have to say its the best thing I ever did in my life! I"m under the Specialised High-Risk Eating Di osorder Team at Psychiatric Hospital 25 miles away from home.

I haveSpecialised Psychiatrist, Psychologist and a fantastic one yo one Councellor, who is wonderful. Its early stages and baby steps but its all done at my chosen pace.

I"ve suffered with anorexia now been diagnosed with Complex Anorexia nervosa, well its only a label, I have learnt so much in such a short period of time. The 1;1 Councelling is wonderful its just the two of us and we have built up such a trusting rapport in such a short period of time,

For the first time in my life I can see recovery within my grasp!! I know its a long way away but I know with the help of this fantastic Team I can/will recover!!

My one and only regret it I wish I had done it years ago. Fear prevented it but thank the Lord it became necessicity!! Not something I"d recommend to have gone down as far as me, it took my to nearly loosing my life to this illness to open my eyes and out of desperation seek help!

Please trust me if there is anyone suffering with Anorexia it is possible for a full Recovery and theres nothing to be frightened of as regards the treatement. Like I said its basically at my pace, on my terms, what I require from them rather than would they need from me!!

If you suffer with any Eating Disorder and have the privaledge of attending a Eating Disorder Clinic, grasp it for your life, alreay its made such a difference to mine, don"t be a fool like I was and carry it around with you for years, get the help now and you can start living your life!!

I am a novice to all this treatment but I know this time, when they pull the "weed-out" (anorexia) they are going to pull the whole root out as well so I can recover for good this time and blossom!!

There is nothing at all to fear all the old stories of recovery in Psychiatric Hospital instill so much fear, honestly its nothing like it. I go as an out-patient for Therapy and could"nt be treated with such kindess, empathy, trustworthy, I can2t believe this is all on NHS as I am cared for like a first class citizen, with so much dignity privacy and don"t think I would have got any better treatment if I had gone Private and paid Lord knows how much thousands of pounds it would run into.

You cannot put a price on your life but I am so grateful to the whole Team and all of you for your kind words of Support.

Thanks everyone. God Bless you All, I"ll Keep you posted!!

Love Bettybaby x

I know I sound "High" but its on life, I am even off Antidepressants.

Who would think that in the beginning what a

daunting an experience it was for me!! BEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE SAVED MY LIFE!


Wow!!!! How great is that, well well done. A lot of hard courageous work, which is not easy.....taking that 'leap of faith' away from that voice and anorexic 'friend' believing that people will catch you, and it sounds like you have done just that.....brilliant soo very very pleased for you.


Hi, Thank you so much for your kind words of incouragement. I started treatment @ Specialised High-Risk Eating Disorder in January this year! The staff are absolutely fantastic/committed ect but unfortunetely I do not feel I have improved much. Yes I have gained weight to get me out of the dange zone but some days my head is so mashed I feel it would be better to give it up , as I seem to be focusing more on Anorexia know than ever before! I am still struggling with physical health as my weight and BMI are still extremely low. I don"t have enough energy of a day to dress even!

I feel despite having Complex Anorexia Nervosa for over 30 years this is the most frightened I have ever been. I only agreed to go because I nearly lost my life last year when rushed to Intensive Care with organ Failure, plus respiratory failure and lots of other complications!

Sometimes I feel taken five steps forward and four back! Will I ever fully recover from it as it is effecting my whole family! I am a nightmare to live with as regards food, sleep constantly because I have little/no energy to spare!!

I desperately want to be free from this incidious illness but whatever I seem to do/try, nothing will shut-down that Anorexia Voice that just gets louder!

Gratefully having the best possible treatment but so far there is no light @ the end of the tunnell for me @ this present time!!

I just feel AN is robbing not only me of a life but it wants my lovely family too! As I am a prisoner in a 5 star hotel. I pray and believe in god and know everything is in gods timing but I am running out of time health wise and mentally /emotionally drained all the time!!

Bless you for taking your time to reply to me, sorry its such a negative answer @ the present time.

God Bless Betty Baby X


How are you? Really worried. Please check your emails. xx


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