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Respect Yourself

This week I've really been considering the affect on our food-intake if we learn to respect our bodies.

Just to give you a little back-ground. I'm a 'recovered' anorexic (recovery for me is always a work in progress) and I've suffered with bulimia and over-exercising issues too. I now work as a befriender for ABC. This week there seems to be a real focus on respecting our bodies and it made me wonder if we learn to respect our body's and take care of them, whether it'll have a knock-on, subconscious effect on our food intake.

The basics are a great place to start (and often forgotten); for instance, getting early nights, trying to forget work/school by sitting down with a good book or a good film (something I NEVER get to do nowadays) and ensuring our bodies are well-rested so our minds are in a fit state for being positive. I also wonder whether we can take it one step further than this - actually learning to love our physical selves (food and weight aside). For instance, doing something unnecessary JUST because we deserve it! Spending money on regular massages or facials, or having our nails done - whatever floats our boat - or maybe just indulging in a long, hot bath with lovely products. Let's face it, as sufferers, our tendency is to deny our bodies and ourselves in all different types of ways...we encourage the pain. Perhaps by learning to allow ourselves some comfort we'll subconsciously learn to accept our bodies...even love them. As a result, we'll not stress about feeding our bodies to make them work better. Hell, if we're learning to enjoy our bodies, eventually we may even learn to enjoy food!!! Now there's a crazy statement ;0) . It's a slightly hippy-like topic....but thought I'd share anyway.

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Our bodies are amazing things and do so much for us.....they deserve to be looked after. Sometimes people find it difficult to consider their whole body so maybe simply start by appreciating a part of your body such as your feet? Think how hard they work, and maybe give them that extra care they need, perhaps massage your feet or soak them in warm soapy water and towel them dry. I believe that if we cherish our bodies it does nurture our souls and our whole being......lets try it what have we got to lose????


Thank you both for such an interesting post and comments.

As a bulimic self harmer I find it very hard to think of my body in a positive way. Since I've been working on recovery I've noticed how much I neglect my body even when I'm not actively trying to harm it. Just little things like not applying lip balm even though I know my lips are chapped. Things I don't even question - I'm so used to behaving that way.

Definately - learning to cherish as well as nourish my body will be one of my new goals.x


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