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Our bodies ARE amazing!!!

Hello, it has been some time since I last posted and came on site, apologies for this however, I have been very unwell after many relapses with my physical health and this affecting my mental state. You all gave me such great support and fingers crossed I am now back in action....?

After a horrendous accident in Nov it is a year on since. I wanted to write an update, of which I am very pleased with myself rightly so. I had an appointment with my consultant who showed me x-rays from last year and compared to now. It is amazing how the body works and can repair itself with care and help. Without this I do not think, correction Without this I know I would not be in the good physical health I am today. The x-rays showed how I had snapped my hip and the pelvis and this does not even go into the other injuries I incurred but, a year on my bones have healed except one on the spine but this could take some time. I am just left with soft tissue/muscle repairs to complete. I could have died, I didn't. I could of been left with one leg shorter, I haven't. I could be left in wheelchair, I am not. I remain on crutches but seeing the before and after makes me realise that all of the care given to me and my determination to accept this, despite many a set back with food and my anorexia, I have helped to repair my body. It really is amazing.

I know how hard the road to recovery is, believe me I have so many set backs but trying to keep this in mind I really do need to look after my body it is my vessel to try and fly through life. I am not sure if this is any help to anyone but I just wanted to write some good news up. God only knows that I really haven't hasd any good news for a very long time. This has given my some drive back to keep going. I was saved for a reason and it has taken a long time to even see this despite good friends telling me.

Life really is very precious and I want to try and help anyone suffering because I really do understand and if only the health professionals did in such a way. Please, I would not ask anyone to endure an eating disorder just to understand but when we need help it is those who do understand that can help us. Sorry for droning on. I am done for now. Love to you all and there IS HOPE FOR ALL OF US. xxx

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Dear Angelus,

Lovely to hear from you and I'm thrilled to hear you're keeping so much better. Reassuring to; sometimes I really need to hear my body can repair some of the damage I've done to it over the years if I can just give it a chance to try.

Take care of yourself and keep in touch.x


Really good to read - God is amazing - I too have been "protected" and am sure its God who has done this - I have osteoporosis and despite having had 3 falls - in the snow on my spine and - this caused tremendous amusement at the hospital amongst the porters - I slipped on a banana skin and fell on my hip - could hardly move afterwards - but on each occasion I had no premanent damage - now I have to battle the ED - God protected but I guess its down to me with His help to deal with the eating issues!


It's good to hear that you are doing so well. It's also both an encouragement and a challenge to be reminded about how important nutrition is for our physical well-being.

I pray for your continuing recovery.


Thank you all for your lovely messages, it's good to know that my good news has given something to you. I will be keeping in touch, I have missed writing and reading from others. This support network really does make a difference and sometimes words can explain more than trying to muster the words verbally.

Love to you all and I pray that we banish this dreadful and evil of the eating disorder world. Please all keep writing we are all here for each other. Love, light and blessing to you all xxx


Hello. Wow, you have certainly been through a lot! I am really happy to read that you are doing much better now and are recovering well. You are so right that our bodies are amazing. I had a major operation last year and wasn't very well. I felt awful, and yet, with time, rest and some effort, I recovered well. I find it incredible, that our bodies have such a capacity for healing. I have put my body through so much over the years, including with the eating disorder. I once came close to having a heart attack, and I didn't have periods for a long time. Yet, despite all of that, I recovered. It really is amazing.

I also wanted to thank you for writing this. I have been struggling with the eating disorder again lately, and am awaiting an appointment for some help. Then I found this and read what you had wrote, and it has really helped me. I think it is the way you said that your body is your vessel to try and fly through life. It made me realise that our bodies are more important than simply what they look like. They enable us to move forward, to hold and touch others, to feel and experience, and essentially to live. I have started to think more about what my body does for me, rather than on how it looks, and that I need to look after it if I want to continue living well. I have found it a bit easier to eat today, and I believe your words have prompted that change in me. I will keep your words in mind. Thank you for writing this. x


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