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Help for a friend

Hi, I am new to this site as i am new to the conditions it covers. I have never suffered from an eating disorder so i have no insight into it whatsoever. The reason i'm here is because i believe a good friend of mine may have an eating disorder, here is the story....

I met the friend in question around three years ago & we were instant best friends, she lived opposite with her partner & new baby. However almost a year ago now she moved back to her hometown in England, shortly after she & her partner split up, i had visited not long after & she was fine as it was what she wanted. She is the same build as me (5ft 10) & was around the same weight (10.5 st)

The first time i got worried was about four months ago when i saw a pic she had uploaded on facebook as i noticed she had lost some weight but shortly after that i visited her for the weekend & was so shocked when i saw her it brought me to tears. I could have wrapped my arms around her twice & later learnt that she was a tiny 7.7 stone. When i asked how she had lost much weight she just shrugged & said she wasn't really eating :( . I expressed my concerns & she agreed to try to eat more, i don't want to keep on at her but i do check regularly thru txt whether shes eaten coz she has no-one else as such to look out for her. I'm not sure what else i can really do & although this may not sound too horrific i am so worried as in her pics she is looking skinnier & skinnier & doesn't seem bothered, she looks gaunt & tired. I wish i lived nearer to her so that i could keep tabs.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I can really feel for you - to see your friend "disapearing" before your eyes must be so diffucult. Being at a distance makes things even harder I know. All you can do is be there for her. With all EDs its only when the person themselves acknowledges they have a problem - and then allows people to help - that they can break free. Perhaps a gentle suggestion she visits her doctor for a check up might help - suggest she has her vits and minerals and general health checked - hopefully the GP will pick up her low weight and talk to her about this.

Sorry not to be more positive for you.


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