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I'm really confused...

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I told my dad yesterday, about my eating disorder and well, I will be honest I have mixed feelings. It was really hard explaining to him about it because he has no idea about bulimia and he constantly mixes it with anorexia. It's quite stressful, when he bluntly asks me to stop my condition, start eating normally and stop purging. I tell him that it's not so easy and I get upset and anxious. I really want him to support me, but It's difficult when he's so uneducated on this topic. I really miss my mum, especially now when I need her support the most. I can only speak to her on the phone. It's the second day I wasn't sick after a meal. I started a journal, where I write my everyday thoughts. I also try to plan my day ahead, although It's not easy to go out when you feel ashamed of your body. I really don't know what to think anymore. In one way I feel relived I finally spoke about my problem to my parents, and in the other I think they're not taking my condition seriously. I have a feeling my mum doesn't think it's so sever, compeered to her disorder, and my dad is just happy It's not anorexia. He only knows about anorexia, because his mother was struggling with it. I kind of feel unimportant and I'm loosing trust in my parents. My self esteem has really gone down.

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Great you've shared with parents, but suggest you seek help via your GP - its great you've managed to reduce the purging - but really important you get your bloods checked - also its really hard without proper support - so do get to your GP - or ring the Anorexia and Bulimia Care helpline - but do get some support and counselling to help you move forward.

Hey LOlisa, I'm sorry that you are at this low point in this struggle. I know it is frustrating and disappointing that your parents can't provide the support that you need in this. It was still an important step to take to talk with them about it and even though it will be hard, it is important to continue to talk with them because it is the only way they will gain any understanding. They still may not be able to provide the support you need but at least they might be able to have more empathy or compassion for what you are going through.

This is a list of resources that was shared with me: bit.ly/38dP4sA There may be something here that you can use to help educate your parents or any others you are wanting to interact with during this journey. Telling others, journaling, planning, getting out - those are all positive steps, so keep it up. Every positive step is a step in the right direction toward healing!

Your post made me feel so sad

I'm so sorry that you are dealing with this "alone "

My son had bulimia

Don't you let your self esteem get any lower what you have is an illness just like any other illness

I hope that you have a lovely GP that you can talk to and who can refer you to get help and support

It's great you are keeping a journal

You are important please remember that

You take care and seek professional help

Sending big hugs 🤗

sometimes men in particular appreciate being told directly what you do need or how they can help. I would think about what you would like from him, and let him know :) even if he’s not educated on the subject he can provide the support you need. for example, if you would like him to not interfere/discuss your food choices, but would rather him keep three items in the fridge to support you. That kind of thing.

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