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I am 14 year old girl I want to recover anorexia mind but all my focus is on food I tried to do this by reverse dieting to increase my calories I started at 850 because I used to eat under 300in anorexia so 850 was too much to me then every week I started to increase 50 because I wanted to recover but without gaining weight and I feel like I am always hungry how can treat this extreme hunger and eat normally and can I recover without gaining weight and how can I know when I am recovered and what is the min months to struggle with anorexia because I am not sure that I have it because I struggle with it in less than 6 months plz help I need help but without gaining weight plz

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I think you need to seek some help - from your GP or a school counsellor - you really do need to talk things through and get a balanced approach and guidance with your recovery. You could also ring the BEAT or Anorexia and Bulimia Care helplines and I know they will be able to advise you - but please do seek some support and professional help.

Hi you need help to beat anorexia , not many people can do it on their own and even with help recovery isn't guaranteed because the fact is there is no proven cure for anorexia and there is no known cause either.

The first thing you need to do is seperate you from anorexia

Remember how you were before anorexia came into your life and took over and compare that to how you are now - there is a big difference

Anorexia aka Ana pretends in the beginning to be an imaginary friend that can improve your life by helping you to lose weight Ana manifests either through a voice aka the anorexic voice or through new behaviour you find yourself doing ie counting calories , but Ana eventually turns really nasty and even suggests you kill yourself in fact all the dieting is really to get you to kill yourself .

It seems on the one hand you want Ana to go away but on the other you have accepted her rules and are hooked on the weight loss she recommended? You can't have it both ways ?

You need help to fight this thing so please make contact with your GP

I agree with the folks who have already commented. Any person who is trying to recover will need support.

It does not matter how long you have struggled - one week of restriction is not good for a person’s health and wellbeing - an it does not take long for an eating disorder to embed itself. I hope you will reach out for help in this journey.

Additionally, if you are recovering from a restrictive eating disorder where you were not nourishing yourself with food, recovery will entail weight gain. Although the eating disorder will be horrified to hear this, weight gain is a pertinent part of what it means to recover. Recovery entails nutritional rehabilitation (weight restoration) and neural re-wiring. You cannot do one of those things without the other...

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