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scared of food?

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I have problems with eating for quite some time now as in 5 years. I am not happy with my body and i am really scared to eat food. People tell me that i am really skinny but i don't see that. I have no idea what to do. I was never diagnosed with anorexia and i'm not underweight but i was for 1kg even tho i was happy about it. I'm starting to ignore food and hunger easily and i don't know if thats a good thing even tho i want to lose weight.

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Are you afraid of certain foods or are you avoiding foods and restricting with the sole intention of losing weight??

Every food, I am scared to gain weight and if i do eat i feel guilty afterwards.

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It sounds like it’s time to get some help. Despite some old school thinking, you do not have to be a certain % under weight to be diagnosed with an eating disorder. If you’re really feeling truly afraid to eat and can’t see your body size as others do, those are def red flags. Mental health care is the usual first stop. Personally, my work with a medical dietician has helped more but it’s really about who you feel comfortable with and that you start to feel better. My heart goes out to you. The fear of food can be mentally agonizing. But there’s hope. ❤️

suggest you should talk to your GP and get a referral to a specialist to talk about your issues around food and body image.

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