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losing weight


its hard to lose weight or change my bmi. i know this illness is life-limiting and can be fatal so its with hesitation i write. i want to do so much and i have achieved a lot. i'm in between understanding my weight, my psychology, and feelings on the subject.

i want to know how to see myself and be the person/weight that i want.

i feel everything lies in my perception and ambiguity and doing things the established way is near-impossble. my heart is weak so climbing the stairs etc is one thing. gentle brisk walking helped me lose 2 stone. but the weight i see is 5 stone altogether to lose. and i can't see my weight loss of two stone dispite the scales and a weigher telling me.

the more i do the weaker i get.

execerising stops me from moving and puts my heart at risk but is the only way to lose weight as i don't eat enough to eat less.


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You sound very poorly and greatly in need of help. I hope you can bring yourself to contact either the BEAT organisation which specialises in supporting those suffering with eating disorders, or a suitable doctor.

All my good wishes.

I’m on medication but I don’t know about contacting anyone as I don’t know what to expect.

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