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Is it bad that I didnt eat for an entire day??? Does that mean Ana is back???

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Depends on why you didn't eat - were you unwell or did you make a decision to stop eating? If you find the not eating becomes a pattern then you need to think about getting help.

I made the decision to not eat

Then I think its time you talked to someone about your decision - what was behind it - the anorexic voice can be very strong - don't let it take you back into that void again.

Im talking to someone I love about my decision. It was ana telling me that I wasnt skinny enough and I would always compare myself to other girls.

glad your talking to someone and you recognise when ana is taking over.

I know that Ana is back and I know that she is trying to pull me back under but I really dont want to go back to how I used to be.

It is hard not to relapse when we see everywhere "it's in winter that we build our summer body". It is in my mind everyday...

Right. During the summer will be more of struggle because of wanting to have our summer body.

So True :(

But see its so hard to explain to the people around you because all Ive ever been told was "just eat", when it isnt that easy. I just wish Ana would leave me alone.

That is true. My relatives were also worried when i said i don't want to eat this or this. But if i feel bad to eat that piece of bread, it's my feeling. I don't want to feel bad 2 days straight about this bread just for them to be happy like during 5min. It makes my father angry but sorry i just can bear my overshooting weight anymore, it's just to hard to leave in this body i hate

I feel horrible whenever I eat anything and I know I worked really hard to get where Im at but honestly ya I am just tired cause I dont want to feel this way and feel bad about eating food. Right, its like I dont want to feel this way but I do and I cant help it.

Exactly the same for me. Always in my mind. And sometimes i get cravings as well. I really don't want to relapse but it 's really like i can't live with this body anymore. It's not me, i don't recognize myself :(

I dont want to relapse either and I find it easier to just binge eat than to try and relapse and I dont like that either cause I dont want to keep binging ans binging. I can hardly look in the mirror cause I dont recognize who I see in the mirror anymore.

do you understand why you sometimes binge ?

I know that for me is when I "allow" me to eat, then it's hard to stop. For example, I will eat like more or less clean the all week and I will be at a friend on saturday and so for exemple with pizza and i will allow myself to eat it and then it's really hard to stop eating. I need to wait for the "crisis" to pass...

I always say its cause Im stress eating. Cause I used to have a bad habit of that in the past and it stopped for a couple of years then after my recovery and up till this point I always say thats what it is but I feel like thats not the case. When I eat I feel like I have to keep eating and eating and go find more. I feel like when there is food in front of me then I have to eat it even though I dont have to. I dont have any self control when it comes to binge eating. It gets worse over the weekend cause I always tell myself that "I will start exercising on Monday" and then it doesnt happen.

I stuggle also with exercising, i always told myself i should do more and i feel bad when i don't exercise :(

I feel bad when I dont but I feel really bad when I do exercise