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Still no period.... What do I do?

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Hi there!

So it's been a good 6 months since I properly started recovery, and it's been the most stressful and unbelievably difficult journey u have taken in life so far at only 15 years old, but I can confidently say that I'm now at a healthy and stable weight, and feeling good both physically and mentally. But the one thing that always has to stomp on a good day for me is ofc no period. Idk why to this day I still don't have it. I eat everything and anything I want whenever I want without hesitation. I don't feel that stressed now that it's winter break. I feel good but I still don't have it. Nothing comes at all. I suspect honestly that I have hypothalamic amenorrhea, and I told my doctor this but he said to just eat more and if there is no period after 2 months then I should get some tests done. But I've tried everything. All I do is try to live life and eat well but I feel it amounts to nothing after each time I check i find a sign of failure. Is there any advice anyone can give me to boosting my menstruation in any way, and what tips can help me to reduce my stress levels and overall anxiety over this?


4 Replies

It’s great you have made so much progress in your recovery. And it’s understandable that you want your periods to restart to complete your recovery. But I gather, from my limited knowledge of this illness, that the body takes its time to restart completely. And if you trust nature it could be right: your body could be telling you it is still in ‘repair mode’.


It nothing to worry about really 6 months is not a long time , your periods will start again eventually


You are not alone... Start recovery one year ago and have a "normal" weight (almost overweight, thanks Christmas time.........) but no period.

Sometimes it is due to exercising, do you still workout ? Do you eat "healthy" fat ?


After experiencing anorexia for about 5 years but 10 on and off I have barely had periods since I was about 14 years old, if I did they were so irregular. Anyway, I started my recovery in July and have recently had one - the overal thing is that your hypothalamus needs to start working again, you will get them back but your body needs to trust you. Don’t stress about it, it makes it worse!

I want babies eventually this was my motivation

I don’t know wether at your age you’d be able to take it but I tried Agnes cactus and that probabaly helped me regulate my cycle as well as consuming more calories, that’s really important.

Wish you luck Hun

Read the book - no period now what? It is BRILLIANT! X


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