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How do I recover?

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Hello! I am a 13 year-old girl and have been restricting, fasting and binging for like.. 5 months? my periods have stopped. I am 145 cm and 29.2 kg (4'9 and about 64-66 lbs). How can I recover without gaining weight? 😅 I thought I was kinda recovering but apparently I gained 0.5 kg and then I cried and fasted for 24 hours so I CAN'T GAIN WEIGHT OR I'M GONNA KILL MYSELF. sorry maybe I exagerrated a bit.. but still. I also tried to not weigh myself for a week and It was absolutely horrible, actually thought about killing myself. So yeah I know this is all VERY BAD. What do I do 🤦🏻‍♀️

5 Replies

you need to talk to a school counsellor immediately if you are not already doing so. You could also call the BEAT or Anorexia and Bulimia Care helplines - they are really helpful. I know you are in a very difficult place - and it all feels overwhelming - but please do seek some help and support.


You need professional help go to your doctor


I had same thoughts than you before recovery. I was 1m62 and 35kg. So same BMI as you right now. You need first to recover in your head. Knowing you have a problem is already a very good step. But you need professionnal help. I am sorry. We cannot give you answer that you could like because there is no :/


Please seek medical support and speak to an adult at home or at school asap. The healthunlocked forum has to adhere to the following guidelines:

"So that we can safeguard users of ABC healthunlocked we need to remind posters that the minimum age to use the site is 16.

The advice shared on healthunlocked is anonymous and not guaranteed to be professional, so we need to ensure that younger users are not negatively impacted. "

In the meantime you can email ABC (Anorexia Bulimia Care) : or call our confidential anonymous helpline on 03000 11 12 13 Mon-Fri 09:30 -4:30.

(If the line is busy please try again later)


Talk to your parents if you can.

See your Doctor.

It's great that you know you have a problem - many don't.


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