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Ive been binging several times a week for the past month and a half. I have no idea what to do break the cycle. I am constantly bloated and I am pretty sure I have gained like 12 pounds. How does everyone avoid binges?

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If you haven't been to your GP to seek help - suggest you do so - explain what's going on and ask for a referral. Bulimia is an illness and needs treatment like any other illness. ABC also have a good helpline. In the interim I found it helpful to make sure I had activities after all meals - or friends etc around so that I could not easily binge. I also made sure my store cupboards weren't overly stocked - especially for me with trigger foods. Hope you will seek and get help quickly to resolve this problem.

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You have extreme hunger and these episodes of ‘binging’ are perfectly normal and once your body realises that there isn’t a food shortage the episodes will stop. I know it’s scary as I’m going through the same but I watched a Tabitha farrah vlog and that really helped.

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