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Underweight and trying to gain weight to get my period back // bloating

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Hiya so I am a female, 17 years old, 5 foot 6 inches and weight about 45KG. Over the past 8 months or so I have lost my period and about 5/6 KG due to healthy eating. Yes I have had a few anorexic thoughts in the past but now I’ve learnt to love myself and my body for all the wonderful things it can do. I am seeing a doctor and dietician about gaining weight but honestly they aren’t very nice and I know they’re trying to help me but they keep threatening me with an anorexia clinic and they think I’m anorexic. I am trying to gain weight and over the past week have been eating whatever I want which includes a lot of chocolate and sweets etc. It feels good to have this freedom however I have started to bloat a lot and I don’t think my weight is changing even though I think I’m gaining body fat. I’m starting to feel really full now and am wondering how long it will take to gain weight and my bloating to go down and distribute. I’m not on a meal plan right now (I’m seeing my dietician tomorrow) but I’m not sure if I’m eating too much- some days for snacks I can eat flapjacks, a whole white chocolate bar and other snacks. I also find myself thinking about food a lot - which is apparently normal. Any advice for bloating and fast weight gain? And how long do you think it will take to get my period back?

Thankyou for any advice xxx

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.. Also forgot to say that I have braces and am eating all this sugary stuff- that can’t be good right? And in the long term eating all this sugary stuff can’t be healthy? Is there a healthier way to gain?

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Also forgot to add, would weightlifting help me gain weight? And also My spots have been flaring up massively :(

Glad you want to gain weight. It takes time. HOpe the dietician sets a sensible meal plan for you as you need a balanced diet with a range of carbs, proteins, fats etc - just eating loads of one thing is not the answer - and it may be that replacing some of the sugar with a carb eg slice of bread - cereals with milk might help. Talk to the GP and the dietician re the bloating - it takes time for the body to settle and redistribute so don't panic. When you fat to body ratio corrects your periods should return - but if not again get a check of hormones from your GP. GOod luck and keep going.

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Thanks for the advice :) the gp didn’t actually give me a meal plan, as I was able to gain 1Kg in a week yay, but just examples of things to eat.

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Suggest you speak to a dietician and get a meal plan set up - ask your GP for a referral - you may need to push but don't give up - also you need some support from a counsellor to look at the issues behind your problem - again GP referral and it may take some time to get any help so be warned!!

PS spots are normal at your age - and so again don't panic.


Congratulations on your huge progress and proactive attitude :) Just wanted to reply with a few things that I have experienced so that you don't freak out and wonder what in Earth is happening!

With the bloating, weight loss can come alot of damage that needs repairing, so you may be holding some water while your body tries to heal itself. Or your stomach will be trying to get used to being nourished again. Hunger and fullness cues will take a while to settle as your body gets used to adequate intake. Are you eating the sugary foods because you are not sure what else to have or because you are craving sugar? I've found that as soon as I crave sugar, it's because my blood sugars are falling. Protein is good for keeping the blood sugars up , Greek yoghurt, egg, tuna or beans are just a few high protein. Cereal/sugary foods will tend to spike blood sugars and then cause them to drop again in a short space of time.

Spots are also part of the process I'm afraid, I'm just the same at the moment. But imagine how wonderful your skin will look after! I know it's so difficult at the moment with unanswered questions and generally being unsure. I hope you manage to get a meal plan sorted so that you can settle into a routine. All the best to you ❤️

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