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I need help about my problem

So,hello to everyone. I am sorry for this long text and I will be thankful soo much to everyone who will read it and leave an advice or tell me their thinking. Let's begin.I'm 14yo girl. I was a healthy child( happy, volleyball player,healthy weight, healthy mind,..). I play volleyball so I was always active and good-looking. But I did have some belly fat like every girl in puberty and I didn't care until now. I decided to eat more healthy foods. Yeah, I ate better but as time was passing I cut something of food groups. I ate extremly 'healthy', like, no sweets, junk food, soda,juices, cakes, white carbs and flour, bad oils..and I lost about 24lbs in 2-3 months. And my period too...I had a low energy, I was unhappy, no more laughing and no more healthy childish mind as before. I counted every calorie and I restricted myself with 1000kcal a day whic is SO STUPID FROM ME TO MY BODY..Thanks to God my parents and friends noticed that all and helped me to change my mind. So I started slowly to eat more calories. Now, I eat about 2500kcal per day so my TDEE is 2200kcal. I need to gain 14lbs to be skinny, not even enough to be healthy..My height is about 176cm and weight about 50kgs(I know, I need to gain weight right now). But, my mind is better and I have a better relationship with food because of my parents. I still have a little belly fat or idk if it's a skin but.. I'm scared that I will gain so much fat around my stomach. I have some abs, defined lines on my stomach but it's still soft but I'm okay with it. I want to gain a healthy weight, muscles, and I know I must need to gain some fat because I need it on my back,shoulders and chest. So I started to lift weights 3 times a week,sometimes 3-5 times. 30-40mins a day with volleyball trainings between rest days of weight for 1.5-2h for 2-3 times a week too.

My questions,finally, is:

-How many time will take me to gain 0.5kg of muscle?

-Am I at the right way?

-Should I eat something "bad" one time in a month or two?

-Will this bloated stomach go with some time because I'm recovering?

-How can I minimize fat gain and can I?

Thanks to everyone.❤

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Hi, It's good that you have committed to gaining weight and trying to recover. :)

It is quite hard to calculate gaining 0.5kg of muscle unless you get on body fat measurement scales. For Anorexia recovery most outpatient E.D. teams expect weight gain of 0.5-1kg a week, but this includes things like the muscles in your brain getting bigger, bone density increasing, fat, muscle, etc.

If you want to gain 1 lb a week then you should eat 500kcal more than your TDEE a day, so an extra 3500kcal a week. 3500kcal = 1lb (0.5kg) weight gain.

Personally I think that to recover you should try and end up so that there are no 'good' and 'bad' foods. e.g. because you don't want to get to a 'healthy' BMI and still have 'fear foods' - because then your body will be recovered and your mind will be still quite poorly / Anorexic. So try to eat 'bad' foods much more - every day / a few times a day, so that they become part of your everyday diet. Maybe look at what your friends are eating or watch some 'What I eat in a day' videos on YouTube for inspiration.

I have read that weight gain tends to go to the stomach to protect vital organs. It can take up to a year to redistribute.

In January this year I was told to completely stop exercise. Overexercising can make it harder to recover and for your period to come back. If you have a compulsion to exercise then this can drive your Eating Disorder.

Hope this helps :)


I have responded to your 2nd email - and its great you've gained some weight and want to recovery. However, and I may be wrong - but I would suggest that exercise is perhaps becoming an obsession for you - as is the issue of body image - women need some fat round their tummy area - and from experience it is the first area to lose and the first to gain - but fat does redistribute given time. Also you talk about "bad" foods - to me this means that you do still have issues around food - so make sure you're eating a balanced diet which includes fats and sugars - not just proteins - and try less strenuous exercise - a gentle walk - in place of one or two of your other exercises. It may be a dietician and some extra counselling around the issues of food and exercise and body image might be of help - its so easy in our mind to want to recover - but without changing food and/or exercise!!!


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