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So I’ve fallen into old habits in the last month...school has started and with that comes me eating less and less. Not bc I don’t have time or whatever, I’m just not hungry and food makes me feel sick sometimes (that’s definitely just a mind trick though) it got so bad that I haven’t eaten in 33 hours...but then I started to feel weird and trippy so I had to eat. And now I feel physically ill. Ugh

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Time to seek some help - if you can't talk at home about what's going on - please do talk to someone (counsellor/teacher/nurse) at school who you can talk to. The feelings you describe are all symptom of much deeper issues - and the amount you are eating is clearly not enough to keep you going. Long term lack of nutrition and losing weight/being at a low weight - are all damaging health-wise - and also your thinking tends to become distorted and your views of yourself and attitudes to food become seriously warped. So please do seek help - don't let this illness - and it is an illness - become worse and cause you to become seriously ill.

I think you know that you are getting into bad habits and that you need to stop now - does your Mum or anyone else at home know you are struggling? anorexia likes to sneak in unnoticed but you know where it leads - promises are never fulfilled - only darkness and destruction lies ahead so make sure you have lunch even if it's a small lunch it's better than no lunch

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