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I feel like my ed is just getting worse

I keep getting upset my ed has ruined my social life every time I go out it involves food and I don't know if this will ever go away all I think about is food

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I know just how you feel - it is such a struggle. Are you getting any help with your ED - if not suggest a visit to the GP and ask for ED referral - alternatively ABC have a great helpline - it is confidential so do phone it and have a chat to them. In the interim - and this is not a solution long term but I found at least I had a degree of social life - I arrange things mid morning/mid afternoon - just a drink and a chat (cake/biscuits optional) - also joined people after the meal for a drink - not the answer by any means - but at least it enables you to cope socially to a degree - but please do seek help with your ED as clearly where you are is not a happy place and you deserve more.


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