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Eating disorder?


I hope someone is out there to help with some advice for a friend and please no judging with what I need to say.

She is mid twenties and for the last few months her thoughts of weight loss have spiralled out of control!

It’s like she is now obsessed and cant stop, she said although she sounds so selfish, it’s like She doesn’t want to stop either?!

Where to even start!

Firstly she feels disgusting, looks in the mirror and just sees a fat, ugly person staring back. She started by cutting calories, drinking more water etc. Then before she knew it had cut all carbs and sugars out completely, until finding herself drinking a dissolved stock cube for dinner! She can go days with no food, and get a buzz from the feeling of an empty stomach, the control over the thought of winning and getting thin! She weighs herself 15+times a day, takes measurements with a tape measure daily and writes results into a diary. Shes honestly hooked. She has avoided going to meals with family and friends just so she dosent have to eat. She said she gets a kick also from cooking her partner his dinners, like a feeling of accomplishment knowing she will not be eating it after. counts calories like she never imagined, walks miles daily to burn off every calorie and to be in a minus for the day.

She said she’s never binged as her will power and determination is so high, however have made herself sick a handful of times if she feels she has eaten too many calories (300-400 cal) said she never ever thought she would do something like this, but the satisfaction after was amazing. She even weighs herself during being sick until the scale says the weight that it was previously at before eating! She also finds herself laying there in bed late at night on the internet looking at pics of thin women telling herself “that will be me”

Shes lost roughly 3 stone in 6 weeks, but says its just not enough, has no goal weight other than to be thin, it’s got such a control over her. She’s told me she dosent see herself stopping and dosent want help or to stop.

She has no idea how It got to this, She won’t speak to any other family or friends so that’s why I’ve come here.

She is an average weight. But I know something isn’t right.

Please be kind.

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a call to the abc carers helpline might point you in the right direction - unfortunately until your friend recognises she has a problem and is prepared to get help there's not a lot you can do - its so hard watching her spiral out of control and EDs are powerful mind controllers - sorry this doesn't help - you could suggest a trip to the GP for at least blood checks and that might be a way to get her help?


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