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Bulimia for years and no help...

I became anorexic when I was 19 due to a husband who controlled and put me down after I left at 21 I moved to my mums and trying to hide it I became bulimic im now 60 and have had large bouts of this throughout my life ,this last one has lasted 2 years and I am so entrenched ,I have told doctors ,mental health professionals etc but never recieved any help? I have no clue why not , I look average sized but its not all about losing weight to me its about controlling the only thing I can in my whole multi car crashes of a life ,Im a recluse ,Im housebound due to fear going out and sever depression but have been left to cope alone ,I can see me being like this till I die as I feel the mental health in my area dont care ,they even took me off their books after 14 yrs as they said they cant keep you forever ,yet I received no counsiling ,no cbt ,just appointments to sort my medication ,what on earth are they doing working in a field that is supposed to help when they dont ,I have attempted suicide 4 x times over 30 yrs yet still I am treated as if im worthless and invisible.

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What a condemnation of our mental health service when EDS are concerned - have you contacted ABC - firstly to let them know of the service you haven't received - but also to access some help that way - they are really supportive and helpful so do give it a go (may take a while to get through) - I know the frustration - I have at last got access to the mental health service via GP - but now as there's a shortage of support workers - and their rule is without a name of a support worker on their paperwork - I can't be referred to the ED service! I'm continually emailing my MP to let them know what a farce NICE is and that their supposed emphasis on mental health is hot air and on the ground nothing is changing!


I reported the health service ,I reported my doctor got 3 page written apology but still no help so I changed doctors , I will look up this ABC and maybe contact local councillor



I was in a bad place yesterday and wrote an email letting them know of a recent suicide attempt over xmas and my ED issues and 5 minutes later they made an appointment for this morning ,so fingers crossed .


So glad they're taking notice - will be thinking of you and hope that you get the support and help you need.


I'm so sorry this happened to you, this makes me so angry. Would you perhaps be financially able to look into private help? There are private therapists who specialise in EDs, depending on your location, and many of them offer sliding scale rates if money is an issue. It may be worth looking into if the NHS continues to let you down with this. You shouldn't have to continue living like this! I know there are self-help programs that use CBT principles for bulimia, but I can see that that may not be enough when you're so deep into the illness.

Again I'm so sorry and I hope you get more support ASAP!


I cant afford private help but I wont keep quiet with writing to different health departments for help and thank you.


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