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Do I have a eating disorder?

I am almost 25, 181lbs, 5'5 and female. I fast 25-27hrs, allow myself an 30min eating time and under 500-700cals a day. No sugar or carbs. Water only to drink. I was 190lbs a month ago. It hasn't always been this way. I graduated high school at 95lbs. Then I gained a bunch of weight. Later my crush said he didn't like chubby gals so I became obsessed with losing weight. I can't stop till I'm skinny enough.

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Granted getting evaluated by a therapist is better than a self diagnosis...that said it sounds disordered. You would likely fall under EDNOS, which is an eating disorder not otherwise specified due to the changing OR bulimia diagnosis. Which is a pattern of binging and restriction like you described. Again a more thorough evaluation from a therapist could be more precise and they would ask questions to make the discernment between the two. Have you considered seeing a therapist?


Get yourself to your GP and tell him what's going on - fasting and eating such a low calorie intake - as well as missing out on carbs and sugars is not a healthy way to life your life - and however you label "it" you do have a problem and issues you need to sort out with help.


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