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Should I get help?

Ok.. so I really need some help because this is going on for far too long. I don't have anorexia as I don't think I'm fat I know I'm not fat.. and I don't have bulimia because I I don't make myself sick however ever since I was 10 (9 years) I've been suffering with an eating disorder... food phobia.. I was better I got my weight up and things were going well but almost 2 years to this day I collapsed as I had lost so much weight... me and my mum decided to try and fix my weight ourselves as we have always done in the past but the devil grips of the condition just can't seem to be defeated. I am trying to eat I am trying to drink but sometimes I'll eat and im fine but others times like today I eat and my stomach is in so pain and I feel so sick like I could be sick... it's got to the stage were in so afraid of food because of how sick I can make me feel... i only eat cereal, yogurt, biscuits and potato as I see them as safe foods but even these can make me feel so unwell... (like now im in loads of pain and feel really physically sick :'( ). I also have freusiben 5 kcal shots 100ml a day (2 35ml and 1 25ml) this pure fat and meant to give me 500 calories a day butbit doesnt help either...

I don't know what to do I feel so sick and so much pain from eating very little... I'm worried I'll go to a doctor and have to go into inpatient clinic due to my very low weight and I struggle to eat the food I do never mind the large quantities I'd be forced to eat in there :(

But it's putting a strain on everything my life has been in hold for the last 2 years and the relationship with my mum is declining... she can't understand why I just don't go get a McDonald's or something and get better and she thinks all the pain and sickness is in my head :(

I just don't know what to do... what happens when you go to a doctor about an eating disorder? What do they Do?

Thank you

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It depends. You have to be specific. As in, tell them specifically that you think yiu have an ED because some GP's do not catch it if you do not specifically say that. The GP gave me a referral to the ED clinic and a couple months later, I had a assessment for it. I am on the waiting list now. My GP checks my weight, bloood and blood pressure every two weeks and she prescribes me medications that may help in the meantime i.e. anti-depressants and iron. Your GP can probably help reccommend something for the pain etc so it is worth seeing one. Because your weight is low, they may put you as priority. I am not sure how they decide, but not everyone with a low weight has to go into inpatient treatment. They may be able to work out an outpatient treatment. It is really sad that you have a phobia of food. I think my little sister has that because it is not just a case of not eating food, but it is the repulsion if that makes sense. I hope you are able to get help. Are you a university student because if so, it is possible to receive counselling from Uni (and possibly without a referal??) Hope this helps.


You definitely need to go to a GP and get them to look at what is behind your feeling sick and in pain after eating - have a full physical check out to make sure there's nothing wrong - if that comes up clear then talk about a referral to an ED specialist to help you look at your difficulties - but do go to your GP and get checked out first.

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