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Hi am I ok....

So I am 5 5' and 177 lb I am currently trying to loose weight sadly (even though I know this is bad for me)I only eat 300- 250 calories a day but I never burn all of it off because I need energy..... any tips??

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Good day! In my opinion eating only 300- 250 calories a day is not enough and can damage your health, since it is really close to starvation. As I know, you should eat about 1200-1500 calories a day for a healthy weight loss. Be careful with such extreme diets! I would recommend you to consult a specialist for personal eating and exercise plan. Excuse my poor English, I am not an English native speaker.


suggest you see a GP or nurse to discuss a sensible diet plan as your calorie intake currently is not a healthy level - starving like this is going to harm your health and is not like to be balanced.


If you are only eating 300 calories a day it can slow your heart rate and circulation to reduce calories required and also stop your brain functioning correctly so that you use less calories. That's why you need the 1500calories à day si that your body does not go into shock and you can reduce weight but stay healthy. In any case see your doctor.


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