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No control

I've been refeeding from an ed for about two weeks now and it's been nonstop binges. Recently they've been semi binges where I have some control, but I choose not to stop (don't have full control to stop) why would I be experiencing these? I notice I am still somewhat restricting or ignoring hunger during the day. I also think I'm developing BED as I will eat thousands of calories within an hour

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I had a similar issue when I started eating more normally again - it was like I'd switched off the control valve and there was nothing there to stop me just eating my way through the kitchen. I needed a lot of support at this time - are you getting any counselling - if not suggest you go to the GP and ask for an ED referral to get help getting things back into balance - I had a dietician who gave me a meal plan and following this got a degree of control back. ABC also have a helpline you could try.


I see a counselor and a doctor. Doctor told me three meals and two snacks a day. But it's extremely hard to stay to only that with extreme hunger. I feel it doesn't satisfy me


I wrote a meal plan out around my diet sheet - meal set at start of week for each day - I did find this enabled me to keep more control - also when I felt a binge coming on I had a list of friends I called (not about the problem - but as a distraction) - and I made sure I tried to be out of the house or with others after meals - found this stopped some of the binges.

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