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I started recovery from a restrictive eating disorder about two weeks ago. I restricted for about a year with occasional binges. The first week of recovery I pretty much binged and now I have binged a couple times this week. I have extreme hunger and have gained weight but I feel that I have really developed binge eating disorder or something else. I didn't follow a meal plan and I just let myself eat what I want, but I still restrict somewhat. Please help

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Suggest you contact your GP and ask for an ED referral - or at least to a dietician. ABC website and helpline might also give you some guidance. I found that when I stopped restricting I did have a few binges - but with the help of using a diet plan I got things back on track - then gradually allowed myself to "let go" of the plan - hope you get some help soon.


Agreed. You need a specialist eating disorders dietitian to help restore and regulate your hunger cues.


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