So I've been trying to lose weight the past while and I've began to restrict and fast about 8-9 months ago. I'm 5"2 and 95 pounds but I still see myself as big. I also do anything I can to run on the treadmill multiple times a day and on days i do it i only will have 100-300 calories. I feel so guilty if I eat a normal meal, what should I do?!

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  • I suggest you speak to your doctor about this. May I suggest you also take a look at BEAT, it's in the UK but has useful stuff on eating/eating disorders.

  • How are you Emily? Pm anytime I suffered from anorexia when younger.

  • I'm okay and thank you I just miss being able to eat like everybody else and my family and boyfriend are starting to notice what's going on and I just feel like they blame me for having so many issues revolving Food :(

  • I understand. They are worried about you. If you are a teenager and in the UK also check out the website kooth.

  • Suggest you get some help 300 cals is not going to provide you with a balanced diet and can lead to major health problems. Your weight is already on the low side and with the exercise and the restrictions things may spiral out of control. ABC website has useful information and the have a phone help line. But I do think going to your GP and asking for an ED referral - as well as having a physical check - is the way forward - so please do seek some help.

  • Hi,

    I had some issues with food now i think I just have bad disordered eating but I get how you feel about the blaming part. My parents used to worry so much and ended up getting angry with me..I think some people just feel helpless and maybe they're are afraid they will not be able to help you. Some parents even think that's all their fault.

    It's good you are reaching out here i think, it's already a big step.

    As others said the sooner you get help the better. It's not just about weight and eating but having thoughts about food all the time is not get some support, it's better not getting through this shit alone!


  • Thank you so much !

  • I'm certain there are many underlying factors with regard to your thoughts and patterns. Seek professional guidance, and follow it through.

    Most here have probably encountered similar situations; mine being a successful journey.

    Whatever you do....don't give up on yourself!!!

    Best to you and yours,


  • Hey! I think that you should go to the GP if you haven't already and tell them what you are going through. They are then likely to refer you. It may be scary but not eating enough can have a lot of bad repercussions.

    Also, do you have any one you can talk to?

    Hope this helps.

  • Thank you and I have some old friends that I can talk to but I'm scared they won't understand

  • I get you. I talked to my friends and they didn't really understand why I struggle with food. However, they are supportive etc they hold me when I cry and reassure me when I need them too and they try not to put an emphasis on food. If you reach out to someone you trust, they may not understand, but they can be supportive. Also, if they do not understand, you can try teach them. I.e. my friends keep trying to feed me and I have told them that trying to make me eat doesn't help because it makes me feel guilty, so they have stopped.

    Hope this helps!

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