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Struggling with weight gain


Hi, I'm 5 ft 6 and almost 18 years old. I was sadly eating under 600 cals a day for almost a year and I eat mostly vegan/ fully vegetarian. I lost 40 pounds and then I found it hard to lose any more. I lost my period for the whole year and my hair started to fall out, I was told I needed to up my cals. Now it's summer and as soon as school let out I forgot everything I knew about dieting and let loose! I gained 25 pounds and my cloths are super tight. I feel awful, but I still in my eyes look slim. My period is back and I'm eating around 1500 a day. I'm not sure if I should lose more weight to get back to where I'm happy at (under 135) or maintain this 155 weight I have been experiencing. Anyone have any suggestions? Am I healthy now or can I make myself happy and loose 20 pounds?

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Personally I think the fact that you forgot about the 'DIEting' was a positive because now you have put on some weight and yeah you might not feel comfortable with it at first but try and think about what is physically healthy for you and don't judge yourself as a person because of the number on a scale x

I don't know if you've had any counselling support - but it sounds like you need some help around body image - recovering to a healthy weight was fantastic - so congrats - but keeping at that weight is often a challenge to those who've had EDs. ABC has a helpline which might support you in your recovery.

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