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Trying to Recover but Confused by Rate of Weight Gain

I restricted calories to an average of about 600 a day for a few months and as a result lost about 10 pounds, putting me at a level that was too low for health. My nutritionist put me on a plan where we increased calories about every week (though stalled for a few), we started at 900 and are now at 1300. I have now, after about 2 months, put all of the weight back on and then some. At first it was very gradual but then it was very sudden. Though there were a few days I binged and probably ate a little over 2000 calories, I don't understand how I am continuing to gain so much weight, when the nutritionist says I should be eating 1500 a day to be normal...if that's the case how did I gain any weight at all, other than just water? I'm just so afraid that it won't stop and that the nutritionist is wrong, and I really should be eating closer to 900 calories/day, not 1300. (I'm only 4'11).

I hate the way I look now and the thought of continuing to gain fat is incredibly anxiety-producing and just makes me want to go back to eating as little as I can. But I don't want to screw up my metabolism. I just don't know if I should keep eating when I'm not hungry, or if maybe 900 calories a day really is reasonable and won't ruin my body/metabolism. Any ideas? :(

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Hello 😊 I am also in recovery and I'm 4 ft 11 and I used to eat close to your 600 Cal's too before starting recovery and after that my dietician told me that based on being 4 ft 11 my body needs at least 900 Cal's a day If I'm just lying in bed all day doing nothing and remember your brain needs at least just 500 Cal's for your brain 😊

I really empathise with you how scary weight gain in recovery is, but you're being very brave if you don't mind me saying so :) 1500 is what I was recommended too but 900 is still very low.

I wish you all the luck with your recovery and if you ever want to talk about what you're going through please feel free to message me 😊

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Hi Rubie, thank you so much for your response. I wish I felt brave, but I just feel like I didn't totally overshot health goals, even though I know that's not really logical. I just really wish I could be both healthy AND happy with my body. Congratulations on being in recovery, too, and taking steps in the right direction. And thanks again for your response, it's so nice not to feel alone in this. :)


I understand what you are going through, and I am currently experiencing the same fears. What helps me is working out, and moving my body. If you don't already work out (and are physically capable of working out) start moving your body in ways that make you happy. Keep the 1500 cal intake a day and you won't feel as bad eating those calories when you feel your body has earned those nutrients and you will help your body develop beautifully. Run, dance, walk, play soccer, swim, etc. whatever you love!! Also, I had a boyfriend tell me "skinny girls look good in clothes but fit girls look better naked" and I think of that almost everyday for motivation to run :) good luck on your journey ❤️

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Haha that quote is great, and definitely true. I guess the fear is just that 1500 will cause me to gain fat no matter what, but I think you're right that some sort of exercise will be beneficial both for mental and physical health. Thank you sk18, and best of luck to you as well. <3


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