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Worsening Eating Disorder


I'll keep this short. About a year ago I started dieting with intentions so lose some weight and become healthier. It grew into an obsession where I counted every single calorie and then I started to restrict. I remember my first binge and I felt so ashamed so I restricted more. Now about a month ago I have confronted the fact I have a problem and need help. The problem is I will eat normal one day, see a bloat, get upset and restrict or fast the next day which leads to more binges

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There is obviously much more going on with this, but that is the gist of things

Well i read that you re about to start counselling which is really good. I think the sooner you start the better it is.

I m thinking about it too but mine it's not a full blown Ed yet i think. So for now just trying to understand and manage in my own


I am happy that you have acknowledged that is a problem because sometimes that is the hardest thing to do. If you haven't then you should go to a GP.

Also, maybe talking to friends and family if you haven't. It may feel like people may judge you, but trust me, if you talk to the right people, you'll be surprised at how supportive they can be. It may also help to explain that they do not have to understand and that there are times you will appear 'normal' but it doesn't mean you're cured.

This is literally how my eating pattern is like. It isn't that I cannot eat properly - it is just that it is not consistent because it doesn't feel right, so I get you!

Good luck!

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