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Are you ever scared of what could happen to you if you carry on with ed behaviors?


I was just thinking about how different you can feel about your behaviors..well, I have always been the one who find it difficult to perceive my behaviors as a " problem", kind of thinking " oh, no big deal, I m just dieting "..but now i just saw a scene from a movie and realized that I don't want to develop a full blown Ed..I don't want people around me to suffer or just become so sick that I don't even realize I' m dying..

But other times all I can think of is " if I diet for some days can't it be so damaging, can be?" ( I don't want this sentence to be triggering or encouraging,just trying to explain my thoughts, of course it's going to damage so well don' t restrict or diet anyways )

Idk it' s like having conflicting feelings about it..

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