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Seeking Help

I haven't been diagnosed yet but I have been seeing a GP about a possible eating disorder. She is currently in the process of refering me to a specialist but this may take up to 4 months before I can see anyone. I'm just scared at this point that there may not even be anything wrong with me and the fact that I don't even have a name for what she's refering me for is honestly making it hard to actually want to see her or anyone else about it.

Is this a normal thing to feel?

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Yes - I felt that when I had to wait over 6 months to see anyone - and from experience the ED plays on your mind and uses any reason it can to make you feel you don't want/need help. Perhaps you could talk to your GP about finding someone to support you as you wait - or contact ABC who have helplines and useful advice. Please don't give up - its so hard to get treatment today - and once you leave the system getting back in is even harder. Good luck.



I m in the same situation and I know how hard can be feeling that way. I feel that something is wrong but I don't feel legitimated to say it's an eating disorder because i don't know what actually means that word.

I think it's normal to feel that way and I've recently found out many people feel that way and I felt less alone.

I came at the conclusion that we live in a world where everything is labelled. You may be not sure if your behavior fits in a particular label and you feel you're not " sick enough". But you are always sick enough to reach out.

You are important no matter what you are diagnosed next. I had these thoughts (the same you described) for a long time and I still have them and I haven't seek help because of it and know feels i m more trapped in my thoughts than what i could be if I had reached out sooner.

I think you should see someone and they can help you figuring things out. If they're competent they will never dismiss your difficulties and help you in the process..

But why you think there is anything wrong with you if I can ask or i mean what have changed since you decided to see someone?

Don't give up!!reach out!!

hope this helps a little bit xx



Thank you for replying this was genuinely useful for me to hear!! In regards to your question I'm not too sure what you're asking (I'm not the brightest of people) but I didn't decide to see anyone, rather persuaded to do so by my boyfriend and friends


I mean because you said in the post that not having a name for what you've being referred to is making hard for you to see someone, my question is if you are aware of your thoughts about it or the reason why not having a name makes it harder..To make you an example for me was because I' ve always felt like my experience was very different from many stories I had heard about ( I didn't have the same weight or maybe not being hospitalized like others), so for me I was kind of telling myself " you don't really need help"..and these thoughts are making hard to see someone.

That was kind of one of the reason behind wanting a name for my struggles. Everyone has his own reasons.

I feel that being aware of my thinking pattern really helped in seeking help even when i don't feel i deserve some help.

Many people are also in denial, because as Crossstitcher says, the Ed makes you think you're not sick.

Anyway, i think your partner,your friends or people around you loves you so maybe sometimes people around us can help us seeing what we cannot see because of the disorder.

If they noticed something different they probably genuinely want to help because they care. It is difficult to challenge our thoughts and trust people around us but if they really love you as i think they do they have no reason to lie to you. Sometimes the disorder tells you so many lies..

If you have some fears about starting therapy we are here.

First steps are the hardest to do but also worthy.



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